Vacuum Helium Leak Test Equipment for Pressure Sensor Cores

1. High precision helium leak detection system, capacity is up to 1.0E-8Pa.m3/sec
2. Multiple workpieces can be tested simultaneously
3. Fast production cycle, 10s/pc (including loading and unloading time)

Basic Feature

The operator places the workpiece in the fixture, presses the start button, the fixture automatically seals the product, and then the system fully completes the entire process of evacuation, filling, micro-leakage detection, helium emission, etc.. The production tempo of the system is high and the leak detection precision of the system is high.

Customized Fixtures

After the clamp is closed, the product can be automatically divided into the leak detection chamber and the helium filling chamber.
The equipment consists of two sets of fixtures, one set for loading and unloading the workpiece and the other set for automatic leak detection.
The fixture can be replaced. The ring size can be adjusted within a certain range, and the size of the back plate can be adjusted.

Smart Control

The system is controlled by PLC. And display various information on a color touch screen (10").
The screen has a main menu and function buttons, and can be:
* Manual maintenance
* Parameter setting
* Production status monitoring
* Fault alarm and self-diagnosis
* Production statistics

Workpiece Pressure Sensor Core
Tracer Gas Helium
Helium Pressure for Indicating Leakage 50KPa (can be adjusted to lower)
Reject Point 1.0E-8Pa.m3/sec
Test Cycle 10s/pc (including loading and unloading time)
Test Stations 2 (each one test station can test 2 workpieces at the same time)
Name Specification
Leak detector AGILENT VS PRO2 or other brands are optional
Electromagnetic Valve PARKER or other brands are optional
Name Specification
Calirantion leak gauge 1 set
Name Specification
Sealing rings 1 pack

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