Vacuum Chamber Helium Leak Detection System for Automotive Air-conditioning Compressors

1. 4 Vacuum Chambers, which ensure fast cycle
2. 20% helium tracer gas, that saves helium consumption
3. System sensitivity 1g/Year(R134a)


This system is suitable for air-tightness detection of compressors of automotive air-conditioner. It can also be used for compressors of household refrigerator and air-conditioner to ensure the airtightness of the product and avoid the leakage of harmful substances (refrigerant).  


According to the basic principle of helium leak detection, with helium as the tracer gas, helium is filled into the workpiece in the vacuum chamber, and then the helium leak detector can accurately and quickly judge the leakage of the workpiece.

System Process

Operator puts the workpiece in the vacuum chamber, then connects the workpiece interface with the quick connector. After the door of vacuum chamber is closed, the system can automatically complete the whole process like large leakage and strength detection, air exhaust, helium filling, Helium recovery and so on. High precision, easy operation and fast test cycle make our helium leak test system is widely adopted by manufacturers.

Workpiecece  Automotive air-conditioning Compressor
Vacuum Chamber  4 (1 large+3 small)
Vacuum Chamber Dimensions  Large chamberX1, (L)350mm×(H)450mm×(D) 300mm Small chamberX1, (L)300mm×(H)450mm×(D)300mm
 Tracer Gas  20% Helium
 Helium Pressure for Indicating Leakage  3.0Mpa(Downward adjustable)
 High Pressure Gas for Gross Leak  3.0MPa (Downward adjustable)
 Reject Point  1g/Year(R134a)
 Cycle Time  4 chambers work linkage, Average 30s/pc (load and unload time included)
 Helium Filling Time  ≥70s
Name Specification
Equipment Frame HJ AUTO
Vacuum Chambers HJ AUTO
Leak Detector Agilent / Inficon / Leybold Optional
Vacuum Pump Agilent / Inficon / Leybold Optional
Electromagnetic Valve FESTO
Pressure Sensor DRUCK
Touch Screen OMRON
Stardard Leak Gauge HJ AUTO
Helium concentration detector HJ AUTO
Name Specification
Sealing Rings 100PCS
System Calibration Leak Gauge 1PC
Name Specification
Sealing Rings N/A

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