High Pressure Nitrogen Leak Test and Helium Recycling System

1.Offer standard fast connectors
2. The helium recovery rate is up to 98%
3. Pressure test 4.15MPa to 4.5 Mpa adjustable
4. Helium leak test pressure 1MPa to 1.5Mpa adjustable

Pressure Resistance

Use high pressure nitrogen double pressure, double station system, pressure resistance is 4.15Mpa--4.5Mpa, hardware design pressure is not less than 5.0MPa

Pre-draining and Filling

It is used to remove air and nitrogen from the cavity of the workpiece to be tested to reduce the dilution of helium and improve the sensitivity of leak detection.
All the space of the workpiece to be inspected can be quickly filled when filling; the vacuum leak detection is performed once again on the soft seal of the workpiece. If the vacuum of the workpiece does not reach the set value, there will be an audible and visual alarm and a large leak indication on the screen. The degree of vacuum is ≤ 20Pa.
Filling pressure 1MPa-1.5Mpa, hardware design pressure is not less than 2.5MPa.

Helium Recycling

After each leak detection, the helium gas charged into the inside of the tested piece is recycled to the pressure tank to reduce the consumption of helium gas and reduce the cost of single piece leak detection.
Helium recovery rate: ≥98%, which is the overall recovery rate of helium in the workpiece and system; the residual helium pressure in the helium cylinder is not higher than 0.2MPa.

Helium Pressurized Storage and Concentration Detection

Recycling and storing helium; when the recovered helium pressure exceeds the set value, the system automatically exhausts to the atmosphere to the set value to ensure equipment safety.
Automatically monitor the radon concentration at regular intervals or manually monitor the radon concentration at any time. During the automatic monitoring, if the concentration is not enough, the alarm will be prompted. When the alarm is lower than 70%, the system automatically replenishes the pure sputum, press “Change deflation” and automatically fill the function.

Maximum volume of the workpiece 8L
Test Pressure 4.5MPa (can be adjusted to be lower)
Helium Leakage Pressure 1.5MPa (can be adjusted to be lower)
Station Nitrogen gross leak detection station:2 Vacuum and fill helium station:2 Helium recovery station:2
Test Cycle 30s/2pcs
Maximum helium output pressure 55 bar
Helium output flow Provide 120L / min and 240L / min two standard configuration, can also be customized according to customer requirements
Helium recovery rate ≥98%
Name Specification
Vacuum Pump LEYBOLD
Vacuum Sensor LEYBOLD, AGILENT, INFICON are optional
Pressure Sensor DRUCK
Electromagnetic Valve BURKERT
Helium Compressor HJ AUTO
Name Specification
Name Specification

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