Helium Sniffer Leak Test and Filling Recovery System for Assembled Refrigeration Product

1. This system is used to perform air tightness test for assembled refrigeration product
2.This system can process Nitrogen gross leak test, helium sinffer leak test and helium filling recovering
3. The production cycle of this system is 8 min/pc
4. The helium recovery rate is up to 98%

System Introduction

The system is used for helium charging recovering and leak detection of air conditioning systems. Firstly, a large leak tightness test is performed on the workpiece by using a nitrogen pressure of 4.5 MPa, then 2.0MPa helium is charged into workpiece, and then helium mass spectrometer with sniffer gun is applied to the workpiece for fine leak detection, after that helium inside of workpiece is recovered. The system can determine the qualified and unqualified workpiece, and locate the leak sites.

Anti-helium Pollution

In order to protect the customer's clean inspection workshop from helium pollution, all joints of the equipment are subjected to a leak detection process to ensure that the entire equipment will not leak.

Technical Advantages

Automatic compensation: When the total amount of helium in the system is less than the set value, helium is automatically replenished from the external helium device until the total helium volume reaches the set value.

Automatic gas overpressure protection: When the helium volume in the low pressure gas container is too much, and the compressor cannot recover the helium gas in time due to some special reasons, the safety relief valve will automatically open to excessive helium gas, so as to protect system  not be damaged by excessive gas; mechanical safety valve automatically discharges overpressure gas when the bleed valve fails.

Automatic gas concentration monitor: system has automatic helium concentration monitoring function and concentration alarm function.

Workpiece Assembled refrigeration system
Maximum internal volume of workpiece 100L
Gas for gross leak detect High pressure nitrogen
Gas pressure of gross leak detect 4.5MPa (downward adjustable)
Helium pressure of leakage 2.0 MPa (downward adjustable)
Connector 2 sets of 1/4" standard quick female connectors With the intermediate adapter, it can be adapted to the 1/4" needle valve interface of the workpiece,1 ½ threaded interface and 1 ¼threaded interface.
Test cycle 8 min/pc
  Other The equipment can be connected with the filling and discharging device on the customer's site, the discharge pipeline is connected with the recovery pipeline of the equipment, and the charging pipeline is connected with the charging pipeline of the equipment; the filling process of the two equipment can be carried out at the same time, but recycling process can only processed for one workpiece at a time, the another workpiece will be recycled automatically then.
Helium recovery rate ≥98%
Equipment size 2.0*1.5*1.8m
Equipment noise ≤70 decibels (with silencer in the exhaust process)
Name Specification
Vacuum pump LEYBOLD
Vacuum sensor INFICON
Pressure Sensor JUMO
Helium compressor EMERSON
Sniffer leak detector INFICON
Sniffer gun INFICON
Name Specification
Name Specification

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