Helium Leak Testing Equipment With SF6 Filling System For High Voltage Switch Gears

1. This helium leak detection system is for testing sealing performance of switchgear
2. It has helium recycling and SF6 filling devices
3. Different configuration to match client's different detecting requirements


The system is suitable for air tightness detection and helium filling of SF6 High Voltage Switch Gears. It mainly refers to filling helium into workpieces, processing helium recovery filling SF6 gas into workpiece within the specified time, then control the filling pressure to guarantee the qualified rate of the product.


The system has 1 vacuum chamber. The operator puts the workpiece into the fixture in the vacuum chamber, connects the workpiece interface with the quick connector, and turn on the button to close the chamber. After the door closes, the system can automatically complete the whole process like vacuum, gross leakage, helium filling, Fine leak detection, helium recovery, SF6 filling and so on.


HJ AUTO offers tailored system according to different type and different size switch gears, for example, the large chamber, large capacity vacuum pump , rail system and etc. will be confirgued for very large workpiece; for thin wall workpiece, vacuum method instead of high pressure nitrogen method will adopted for gross leak test to consider the pressure differential inside and outside of workpiece.

Workpiece High voltage switchgear
Vacuum chamber  1 set, can be customized according to specific workpiece
Detectability Each chamber can test 1-3 workpieces at the same time
As per client's requirements
Tracer gas 100% Helium
Test Cycle As per client's reqauirements
SF6 filling pressure 0.04MPa (GP)
Helium Detection Pressure 0.04MPa (AP)
Reject point 5.0E-6mbar.L/sec.
Helium Filling Time ≥70s
Helium Recovery Rate ≥98%
SF6 Filling Yes
Name Specification
Equipment frame HJ AUTO
Vacuum pump AGILENT, INFICON, LEYBOLD  are optional
Leak detector AGILENT, INFICON, LEYBOLD  are optional
Helium charge and recovery device HJ AUTO
SF6 filling device HJ AUTO
Name Specification
Calirantion leak gauge 1 set
Name Specification
Sealing rings N/A

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