Vaccum Helium Leak Testing System For Plate Heat Exchangers

1:Two work station, one for strength and inner leak test, the other is for outer leak test
2:The helium leak detection system takes 8 hours to check 480 small workpieces or 240 large workpieces
3:The leak detection rate is up to  5.0E-7Pa.m3/sec
4:With helium recovery system, recovery rate is up to 98%

Work Principle

According to the basic leak detection principle of helium leak detection, helium gas is used as the tracer gas.
During the inner leak detection cycle, helium gas is charged into the B cavity of the workpiece to detect the inner leakage between A and B; in the outer leak detection cycle, the A and B are simultaneously filled with the helium to inspect the leakage to vacuum chamber. Firstly system detects the internal leakage at the internal leak detection station, and then pushes the product to the external leakage detection station through the conveyor line to detect the external leakage.
For the three-cavity workpiece, in the inner leakage detection cycle, the A cavity is filled with helium gas to detect the leakage between AB and AC; in the outer leakage detection cycle, the A, B, and C are simultaneously charged with helium and check the outer leakage.

Comprehensive calibration technology

Automatic calibration of the leak detector: The leak detector has a standard leak inside and an automatic calibration function to calibrate the sensitivity and accuracy of the leak detector whenever necessary.
Automated calibration of the system: An automatic calibration procedure is designed to make periodic precision calibration operations very simple. The calibrated system accurately determines the overall leak rate of the workpiece.
Daily check of the system: The standard leak gauge dedicated to daily inspection simulates the workpiece to be inspected, and the system accuracy is checked online, which can fully guarantee the stability of the system accuracy and the reliability of operation.

Workpiece Plate Heat-Exchanger
Leak testing station Two Stations:one is for workpiece strength and inner leak test, the other is for outer leak test
Size of testing chamber Customized
Gas for Gross Leak Test Nitrogen
Nitrogen leakage pressure 5.5MPa
Gas for fine leak test 100% Helium
Helium leakage pressure 5.0MPa
Reject point 5.0E-7Pa.m3/sec.
Cycle time It takes 8 hours to check 480 small workpieces or 240 large workpieces
Helium recovery rate ≥98%
Name Specification
Vacuum chamber and frame HJ AUTO
Leak detector AGILENT, INFICON, LEYBOLD  are optional
Vacuum pump AGILENT, INFICON, LEYBOLD,  BAOSIare optional
Vacuum gauge AGILENT,LEYBOLD, INFICON optional
Pressure Sensor DANFOSS or other brands are optional
PLC OMRON or other brands are optional
Name Specification
Calirantion leak gauge 1 set
Fast connector Customized
Name Specification
Sealing rings N/A

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