Vacuum Helium Leak Testing Equipment for Automotive Dry Filter

1. This system can detect automotive dry filters, condensors, evaporators and compressors with different fast connectors
2. There are 2 vacuum chambers, each vacuum chamber can contain 6 dry filters
3. The leak detection rate <1.5g/y
4. The test cycle is up to 120 chambers per hour
5. With helium recovery system which recovery rate is up to 95%

Calibration Advantages

The device has a 1.5 g/year helium standard leak gauge. The certificate of the standard leak gauge is issued by the National Institute of Metrology of China. The accuracy and stability of the equipment can be traced back to the National Institute of Metrology of China. Third-party approval to ensure device leaks.

Convenience of Operation

The equipment adopts automation process technology,  the whole workpiece inspection process automatically controlled by PLC and touch screen. The operator only needs to load and unload the workpiece, and does not need to manually handle each process. The PLC program automatically judges the result of the previous step and completes the execution of the next step according to the preset conditions. It not only saves physical labor, but also replaces human judgment and execution, and takes people from complicated mental power.

Helium Concentration Monitor

The system is equipped with a helium gas concentration meter. When the system detects that the concentration of helium is lower than the set value, the system can emit an audible and visual alarm signal to prompt the operator to adjust the concentration. If the system's helium pressure is insufficient, the fill valve is automatically opened to replenish fresh helium.

Name of Products Dry Filters
Vacuum Chamber Size L 700mm * W 450mm * H 230mm
Can be customized according to client's specific workpiece
Vacuum Chamber Quantity 2
High Pressure Gas for Gross Leak 4 Mpa(Downward adjustable)
Tracer Gas Helium
Reject Point Leakage Rate <1.5g/year
Helium Pressure for Indicating Leakage 3.6Mpa(Downward adjustable)
Test Cycle 120 chamber/hour
Name Specification
Vacuum chamber and frame HJ AUTO
Vacuum pump AGILENT, INFICON, LEYBOLD  are optional
Vacuum gauge AGILENT, INFICON, LEYBOLD  are optional
Leak detector AGILENT,LEYBOLD, INFICON optional
Pressure Sensor DANFOSS or other brands are optional
Helium concentration detector HJ AUTO
Name Specification
Calirantion leak gauge 1 Set
Workpiece Fxiture Customized
Name Specification
Sealing rings N/A

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