2 Chambers Vacuum Helium Leak Test Equipment for Automotive Aircon Condensor and Evaporator

1. Core components are famous branded, which ensure the high quality and stanility of the whole system
2. The equipment has 2 vacuum chambers and customized fast connectors for different workpiece
3. The production cycle of this system is 100s per chamber
4. Equipped with helium recovery system, recovery rate is up to 95%, cost-effective

Vacuum Chamber

The vacuum chamber cavity is professionally designed, and all surfaces are specially treated after processing.
The door closing process is protected by a grating.
The vacuum chamber  has a  quick joint to connect to the workpiece, which is convenient for workpiece loading and unloading

Vacuum and Leak Detection

The vacuum unit includes a vacuum chamber evacuation pump, a workpiece evacuation pump, a vacuum gauge, a valve, and a pipeline.
The leak detection unit includes a leak detector, standard leaks, valves and piping.
Adopts to U.S. Agilent Leak Detector.

Helium Charge and Recovery

The helium refilling recovery unit mainly includes a high-pressure tank, a buffer tank, a helium pressurization and recovery device, and various types of valves, which are connected by pipes. Helium can be filled into workpiece and recovered within a set time.

Helium pressurization and recovery using pneumatic pumps for oil-free recovery;
The system has concentration monitoring and automatic helium gas replenishment function. When the system detects that the concentration of helium is lower than the set value, the system can emit an audible and visual alarm signal to prompt the operator to adjust the concentration. If the system's helium pressure is insufficient, the fill valve is automatically opened to replenish fresh helium.
Helium recovery rate>95%

Workpiece Automotive Condenser and Evaporator
Vacuum Chamber A Chamber (Test Condenser) A Chamber (Test Evaporator)
Size 750X620X220mm Size 750X620X220mm
Work Stations 6 Work Stations 3
Pressure for Gross Leak Test Nitrogen / Compressed Air 3.5 Mpa (Downward adjustable)
Tracer Gas Helium
Reject Point 2g/y
Pressure of Fine Leak Test 4.0 Mpa (Downward adjustable)
Cycle Time 100s/chamber
Helium Recovery Recovery Rate ≥95%
Name Specification
Vacuum Pump BAOSI, AGILENT, INFICON, LEYBOLD  are optional
Vacuum Gauge AGILENT, INFICON, LEYBOLD  are optional
Leak Detector AGILENT, INFICON, LEYBOLD  are optional
Electromagnetic Valve PARKER or other brands are optional
Pressure Sensor DANFOSS or other brands are optional
PLC OMRON or other brands are optional
Touch Screen WEINVIEW or other brands are optional
Helium concentration detector HJ
Electrical components FUJI, SCHNEIDER, MITSUBISHI and etc.
Name Specification
Sealing Rings 1 pack
System Calibration Leak Gauge 1 set
Name Specification
Sealing Rings N/A

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