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HJ is a modern enterprise specializing in the research, development, manufacture and sales of technology intensive industrial equipment. Main products include chamber type vacuum helium leak detection systems, helium filling and recovery system, liquid vacuum filling equipment, automatic brazing equipment ,laboratory testing equipment and production line detection system and so on, which are widely used in refrigeration, automotive, electrical, electronics, military and other industries.   HJ is under the lead of Oliver, an expert who is professional in vacuum helium leak detection and automatic test equipment. HJ owns core technology, has a number of inventions and utility model patents. Relying on high level talents, HJ takes the development of the design, assembly and commissioning and after-sales service and launches products suitable for clients’ use and technical requirements in different situations. Since the establishment, HJ has introduced various types of special equipment to the market. While meeting the needs of the domestic market, the equipment are also exported to the Europe, Americas, Asia and Africa and other countries and regions.

Striving for excellence and wining respect are our business philosophy and highest guiding principle. Our goal is to rely on our technology to provide clients with excellent products, as well as the quality of service. We will be appropriate to enhance the core competitiveness, create high performance, become the world's top brand in the field of leak detection and automation control.
Enterprise Honor
Development History
  • A gas leak detection device providing a stable and pure background index obtained a utility model patent certificate
  • September, 2015, a gas concentration detecting device obtained a utility model patent certificate
  • October,2015, moved to new factory and expanded production
  • December 2015, developed and manufactured the leading high precious helium leak detection system, the leak detection accuracy 5×10E-11 Pa.m³/ sec. We have applied for two utility model patents and one invention patents.
  • 2016, became one of "Technological Innovation Little Giant Enterprise".
  • February 2016,developed and manufactured a convertible & removable manifold,applied in fluid control equipment, can greatly improve line flexibility inside of the fluid control equipment.
  • May 2016, developed and manufactured the automatic flame brazing machine, used in the heat exchangers production lines, enabling the welding nozzle vertically insert into the middle of the brass vertical, and then welding the smaller U connecting port, to achieve well weld the cooper tubes with the small U connecting port, the whole process is automatic, saving manpower, resources and enhance the production tact.
  • August 2016, our helium leak detection system successfully applied in the industry 4.0 automatic production lines in one famous house appliance manufacturer.
  • December 2017, became one of the "High-tech Enterprises".
  • December 2017, our automatic relay leak detection system has won high-tech product certificate.
  • April 2018, a new type of automatic flame brazing machine obtained utility model patent certificate.
  • November 2018, a matrix type gas welding burner device obtained utility model patent certificate